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Welcome to our school. Our Virtual Tour and information about the school can be found underneath the updates and resources for Lockdown Jan 2021. 

VLOGS from School During Lockdown - Jan 2021

When uploading your work, please put all tasks for that day into one folder called the date i.e. 11.1.2021

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Our Learning Platform is LIVE!


See the video below for instructions about how to access the learning and how to upload your work to your own area. You have received an email today from your class teacher with your user name and password. There are written instructions included in the email too, which are also shared here

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Links to Potentially Helpful External Resources

The BBC are broadcasting educational programmes for primary school children on BBC1 from between 9am and 12pm each day. Click on the red link below to see the schedule for the week beginning 18.1.2021

BBC Daily Viewing on BBC1

Primary Parent and Family Support Adviser
Our Primary Parent and Family Support Adviser, Suzy, has asked me to share some links with you. She has started writing a blog that includes some practical advice about parenting and mental health during this period of Lockdown. 
Suzy Wedley

We invite you to our virtual tour to find out more about us. Come and see inside our school by clicking on the video.

Head Teacher's Welcome 

Stoke St Gregory Primary is a small rural school in the heart of Somerset. We are surrounded by beautiful countryside and are part of a diverse village community. Our year on year intake can fluctuate, but as a general rule, classes are of a mixed age range. EYFS, Year 1/2, Year 3/4, Year 5/6. 

As a school, we believe that engaging learning experiences are crucial and that challenge within all areas of the curriculum is important too. At Stoke, we are a community of lifelong learners, adults and children alike. This approach for all in our school community results in our collective and individual growth as a part of our school, our wider community and our world. 

Every child is an individual, with unique skills, interests and passions and we strive to help all in our school community to be the very best that they can be. One thing that does seem to crop up in conversation and in other ways is Lego; I have no idea why that might be........or maybe I do. (There is a chance that this new Head Teacher has a Lego hobby that she might be planning to share within school..........more will be revealed over time!)

Do please be patient as we work on different areas of the site as we have recently moved to a new platform. One of our next challenges is to make our website a showcase of all the brilliance that lives within our school as a result of our staff team and fantastic children. As previously, all important information will also be easily accessible. 

If you would like to know more or have any specific query, please contact the School Business Officer, Mrs Barber or the Admin Assistant, Mrs Moore, on 01823 490437. Our email address is:

Dawn Baker

Head Teacher