Stoke St Gregory Primary School

"Build on the Rock"

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Build on the Rock

At Stoke St. Gregory Church of England Primary School we endeavour to provide good foundations for all children so that they may become wise, courageous and joyful young people with a love of life and learning.

The wise builder built upon the rock and the rains came and the floods rose but the house on the rock stood firm. The foolish builder built on sand and the rain came, the floods rose and the house on the sand fell flat. Matthew 7


  • Gaining knowledge and skills and understanding how and when to use them well
  • Learning to react modestly to the joy of success and positively to the disappointment of failure
  • Learn in a rich variety of ways from research to experience.
  • Focus on reading across a wide range of sources.
  • Develop skills in human relationships
  • Work on personal resilience, diligence and discipline


  • Being inspired by the world we live in, the richness of life, the enjoyment of finding out and the lives of others
  • Asking big questions (and listening to answers!)
  • Taking time to notice and be thankful for goodness all around us
  • Enquiring minds


  • Being safe
  • Being valued and accepted for who you are
  • Being secure in your own identity so that you can learn tolerance and respect for others
  • Learning to be trustworthy



  • Supporting each other through the hard times (and the floods)
  • Being a safe and stable place where children have a sense of belonging
  • Learning to get along, to behave responsibly and to work together for the good of all