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Parenting Strategies for Summer 2021

For support over this summer break, do check out Suzy's (our PFSA) webpage. If it FULL of practical advice and strategies to help with all kinds of situations any family can experience with their children at different stages of their development. 

Click here to access

A plea from Mrs Baker to our parents and carers. We've got this.........if we work together.


Our children need our adult support to make the right choices as they learn all the life skills they will need as they grow up. They need our encouragement to make good choices and our guidance and correction when poor choices are made. Watch the video above to hear Mrs Baker's message about our approach in school and her request for support from home too.

I hope we can make positive steps forward together.  I hope we can work brilliantly together.

Stoke St Gregory School on BBC Somerset Radio with Claire Carter: 'Playground Politics'


Egg Shackling 2021

We hope you all have a lovely Easter!


Why we are pleased to be back in school!


Stoke St Gregory School on BBC Somerset Radio with Claire Carter: 'Playground Politics'


Your Positives Speak

A video of the collation of positives received into school from our wider community with an introduction by Simon Baldwin, Chair of Governors.


We can all return to school on the 8th March!


Our Community Pulls Together

An Assembly for our school and our wider community


A Remote Project to Help You Link With Each Other and With School! For Pupils in Years 3, 4, 5 &6


 Design Project Feb 2021 - notes to accompany VLOG.pdfDownload
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An Important Bug Club update


Our Reading Scheme - Today, it goes live! Plus some other updates


 Bug Club parents letter.docDownload
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Would you like to speak to your child's teacher? Here's how!

Plus some CGP books clarification


CGP books update


End of the week update and learning tips from teachers


How your teacher will give daily feedback on work and other updates


Our Learning Platform is LIVE!


See the video below for instructions about how to access the learning and how to upload your work to your own area. You have received an email today from your class teacher with your user name and password. There are written instructions included in the email too, which are also shared here

Book Collection: One part of our remote learning package


Home Learning Update


Adapting.....and Quickly?!