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Stoke St Gregory School was last inspected on 27th February 2018.

If it hadn’t been for Covid 19 we would probably have had an Ofsted inspection this term and in a funny way we were looking forward to it. We have done so much work to make the school a Good school and we were keen to get rid of that RI judgement from February 2018. Ofsted is suspended for now so no new inspections but I’d like to share with you what we have done to make Stoke St Gregory a good school.
To improve phonics and early reading we have worked with the Portishead English Hub to train all the staff in best practice. We have replaced our old reading scheme with books that support and encourage reading. As a result we have seen the youngest children make good and speedy progress with their reading skills.
To ensure all pupils across the school make good progress we have rebuilt the curriculum and raised expectations. Teachers have taken part in national programmes for English, Maths and Science and shared their skills across the school. Pupils enjoy their learning. Standards in writing and Maths have risen across the school. We have also increased TA hours and increased training to provide additional support for pupils who need extra help.
There are lots of other things happening too. We have trained a member of staff to lead Forest School which is now a weekly part of the curriculum. We have continued with high quality Music and regular productions and performances which can be viewed on the website and our YouTube Channel (look for Stoke St. Gregory School). Now we continue to build on these good foundations for all the pupils in our school.



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