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Stoke St Gregory School was last inspected on 27th February 2018.

Many important changes have taken place within our school since our previous Ofsted inspection. Although we were due to be re-visited in the Summer term of 2020, we were not, due to COVID-19.

Inspections in schools will resume from the 4th May 2021.

Since our last Ofsted visit, our phonics and reading schemes have been completely overhauled. Before lockdown it was noticed that this resulted in significant improvement for children, especially in EYFS and Key Stage 1.  To ensure all pupils across the school make good progress we have rebuilt the curriculum and raised expectations. Teachers have taken part in national development programmes for English, Maths and Science and shared their skills across the school. Pupils enjoy their learning. Standards in writing and Maths have risen across the school. We have also increased TA hours and increased training to provide additional support for pupils who need extra help.

We are continuing to develop our school and the experience our pupils have, even during the current pandemic. As the new Head Teacher here, I have been staggered by the work ethic of the staff team and their drive to constantly improve teaching and learning for our pupils. Stoke St Gregory Church of England Primary School is truly a fantastic place to belong.

To see our last Ofsted inspection report, click on the Ofsted logo below.