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Statutory Policies (A-E)

 Accessibility Plan 21.11.2019.pdfDownload
 Behaviour Management Policy - 21.1.2021.pdfDownload
 Charging and Remission Policy - 21.1.2021.pdfDownload
 Complaints Policy 07.03.2019.pdfDownload
 Data Protection and FoI Policy - 11.3.2021.pdfDownload
 Early Years Foundation Stage Policy 01.02.2020.pdfDownload
 Equalities Policy 17.01.2019.pdfDownload
 SCC eLIM Privacy notice pupils and parents 09.2020.pdfDownload
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Other policies

 E-Safety (Online Safety) Policy - 21.1.2021.pdfDownload
 Governor Code of Conduct for Governance Boards Guidance 21.1.2021.pdfDownload
 Positive Handling Policy.pdfDownload
 SCC Capability Procedure for Non-Teaching Staff.pdfDownload
 SCC Capability Procedure for Teachers.pdfDownload
 SSC Allegation Management Against School Staff incl Vexatious Complaints.pdfDownload
 Staff Code of Conduct - January 2021.pdfDownload
 Staff Confidential Reporting Code (Whistleblowing) 11.3.2021.pdfDownload
 Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy 11.3.2021.pdfDownload
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Statutory Policies (E-S)

 Governor Expenses and Allowances 03.11.2021.pdfDownload
 Relationships and Sex Education Policy - 21.1.2021.pdfDownload
 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy - 21.1.2021.pdfDownload
 SCC Health and Safety Policy March 2018.pdfDownload
 SCC Staff Grievance Procedure 17.06.21.pdfDownload
 Staff Pay Policy (September 2020).pdfDownload
 Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy 03.11.2021.pdfDownload
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