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Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools  

On the 12th October 2017, the school underwent the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methods Schools (SIAMs). This inspection takes place every 5 years.
The inspector wanted us (the Governors) to convey the message that the Headteacher had made good progress in terms of improving the academic achievement of children and that this was the correct focus for the school over the last few years.  He did highlight that there are areas we need to improve on as a Church of England School, however the inspector acknowledged that the school has started on the journey of improvement in this area.
The report is included for you to read through and if you have any questions or comments, please contact Mrs Moorsom who will in turn relay these to the Board of Governors.
Simon Baldwin   
Chair of Governors
“Children have a growing understanding of other world faiths and are beginning to make thoughtful comparisons between these and Christianity which clarifies their thinking.”
Download Siams Report