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We are very keen for our pupils to look smart and be proud of belonging to this school and we encourage the wearing of school uniform.
We are mindful of the Education (Guidance about Cost of School Uniform) Act 2021. It is permitted for children to wear the appropriate coloured tops without the need for having the school logo on them. The aim is to support families with the costs of uniform and this is our way of ensuring the costs are not too high. 
  • Grey skirt/pinafore or trousers
  • Navy cardigan/sweatshirt with or without the school logo
  • Red polo shirt with or without the school logo
  • Plain black flat shoes or plain black trainers - no coloured stripes / flashes etc
  • The option of a red and white gingham dress for the summer months
  • Socks – White, Grey or Navy 
  • The option of tights – Navy, Black, Red or Grey (plain no patterns)

For PE our uniform is:

  • Plain black shorts or joggers
  • T-shirt in house colour with or without the school logo
  • Black/house colour sweatshirt or tracksuit jacket with or without the school logo
  • Trainers

Unlogoed, plain uniform can be purchased from most major supermarkets

School logo items can be purchased from:

South West Schoolwear, 144B East Reach, Taunton, TA1 3HT
Telephone: 01823 278 080
Opening times are Mon – Sat 9am – 5pm, parking is available at the rear of the shop.


Our pupils wear their PE kits into school on PE days. These are currently Mondays and Fridays for all children in the school. 


The wearing of any jewellery is not permitted for safety reasons, with the exception of small studs for a child with pierced ears. Watches may be worn at the owner’s risk but please try to name watches with at least the owner’s initials. Phone or watches with camera or recording functions are not permitted.

Please note we do not consider the wearing of make-up, nail polish, shaved hair patterns or hair dye appropriate for primary age children.  

We strongly advise that pupils do not bring any expensive watches or other expensive items to school with them. Please note that anything they do bring to school is at their own risk.