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At Stoke St Gregory School, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum which encompasses the accumulation of knowledge along with a creative and intentional approach to learning of all kinds. 


Our Intent

At Stoke St Gregory C of E School, we believe deeply in the importance of helping our pupils develop as a whole person. Our pupils need to be ready to take the next steps into their education and lives beyond primary school, regardless of their starting point. 

We celebrate our differences as individuals and see our differences as part of our collective strength.

Our aim is to create an exciting, interesting set of learning experiences that are underpinned by the knowledge, skills and understanding relevant for each group of pupils. 

Our curriculum promotes and fosters confidence, independence, co-operation and self esteem  which will prepare our pupils for life in 21st Century Britain and beyond our small village primary school.

Our offer is underpinned by our vision and ethos of ‘Wisdom, Wonder, Willingness’.  We want all of our children at Stoke St Gregory to leave with a range of experiences, the self belief to excel and the internal understanding that effort and a positive approach will always result in better outcomes.

Our pupils are constantly reminded there is no need to fear failure, as failure is simply a part of the learning process.  We (adults and children alike) may not be able to do something initially, but maybe we just can't do it 'YET'. With focus, enthusiasm and a willingness to give of our best efforts, we (adults and children alike) may find a way to succeed in those areas where once we failed. We learn together. We are life-long learners.

Our curriculum is carefully crafted so that our children develop their academic, social and cultural capital. 

We have made informed choices about what experiences we want to include and how they build over time across the curriculum.  We include both off and on-site experiences in our curriculum and make the most of what we have locally including local community groups. 

Science, Geography, History, Art, Music, Design and Technology, Religious Education, PSHE & RSE, PE, Computing

Subjects are taught with a focus on the progression of skills and knowledge as the pupils move through our school. Links between learning and subjects are made (where appropriate) and opportunities for deeper learning are intentionally provided. See our documents below that give an overview of each subject. Our two-year rolling programme is also shown below.


In order for staff to be able to put their time and energy into quality teaching and implementation of the ideas discussed above we have researched and selected some key resources to support curriculum planning. The Literacy Tree for English, Power Maths for Maths and Plan Bee for humanities. Teachers add to and adapt these resources as appropriate, using their own pedagogical skills.


Interesting Reading Statistics  - Did you know?

By the time they are 5 years old, children who are never read to are exposed to 4,662 words. Those who are read to 1–2 times per week are exposed to 63,570 words. Those who are read to 3–5 times per week are exposed to169,520 words. For those who are read to daily, it's 296,660 words. For any who hear five books a day, it's an incredible 1,483,300 words.

The impact of being exposed to new vocabulary through varied and high quality reading experiences cannot be over-estimated. 

This evening, do you have time to share a book or two with your child?

Our Two Year Rolling Programme of Learning

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Subject Overviews

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