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Raven Class

We are the eldest in the school and continue to follow the examples we were set when we were younger. Now we are good role models for the younger year groups. Our classroom is one of a kind but everything within the room is useful, helpful, imaginative and inviting; even us!

As a class we are inquisitive, independent individuals that push ourselves to always work hard. Because of our enthusiasm towards our learning our class is filled with exciting lesson and creativity. We take great pride in our work and publish our best wherever possible. Every Friday our brains are exercised in other ways – we try to work out the challenging riddle that Mr Flint has given us.

As Ravens we know that everyone will make mistakes; it’s okay to make mistakes as long as we are ready to learn from them and try our best!

We are given extra responsibility from Sports’ Leaders and Playground Leaders to House Captains (a role we take very seriously and with great pride). Every year our residential gives us a chance to have a few days away from school work and a few days for our parents to rest too, everyone gets to enjoy them, Mr Barnard always has a go! 

Mr Flint is available before and after school or you can make an appointment for a longer conversation.

Welcome Back!

 Welcome to the Spring Term and a new year! With many exciting topics, stories and adventures ahead of us we will keep working hard and showing all we have to offer throughout the new term!

Raven Class Teacher

Mr Mike Flint

Reading, maths, science, PE and Quiz of the Week - all in a day's work! We love to keep ourselves busy and enjoying our work.

Teaching Assistant

Mr Kevin Barnard

We are getting much better with our maths, we are so confident that we sometimes help each other!

Raven Class Spring Term Overview 2021/22

Raven Class Spring Term Timetable 2021/22