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Raven Class

Welcome to Raven Class. We are the Year 5 and 6 children and as the oldest we try to be super role models for the rest of the school. We are taught by Mr Flint and supported by Mrs Hembrow and Miss Andrew. 

Being the oldest children we are given extra and special responsibilities - we have the opportunity to be a House Captain or part of the Learning Council. We are a very active group who love to socialise whilst knowing the importance of our education. We try to show great effort in our subjects whilst being helpful, considerate and supportive of everyone and Mr Flint encourages us to be brave and have a go. We want to become more independent and be ready for the next stage in our education at Secondary School.

We continue to use all we have been taught earlier in the school, keeping going with our handwriting giving us more chances to earn a pen licence. We love to read and try to push ourselves to go onto reading novels that we choose. Everyday starts with a recap of the week's spellings and quiet reading in order to support our vocabulary andlove of reading.

In Raven Class there is a residential where we have an activity driven programme - it is great fun and something we all look forward to each year; it's a definite highlight for us all. 



Raven Class Teacher

Mr Mike Flint

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hembrow

Reading, maths, science, PE and Quiz of the Week - all in a day's work! We love to keep ourselves busy and enjoying our work.

We are getting much better with our maths, we are so confident that we sometimes help each other!

Spring Term 2024 

What will we be doing?